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Push For Emor

When the Emorian Empire starts to expand it's territories into Justicar federal space, Colonel Ferris Glutes sends you in under cover to join a resistance group allied with Justicar. Your mission, that you have no choice but to accept (because it's your job and it would be a very short game if you didn't) is to clear the way for Justicar forces.  

One solar system at a time

There are eleven planets of varying tech levels in the Emorian Empire, spread across five solar systems. You must find your resistance contact, win over the local populace and rout any Emorian troops.

Space is full of nasty people

Traveling between solar systems and planets is done via Space Warp Jump Gates. Getting access to a jump gate can sometimes be tricky. You are not the only pilot out there. Space is full of people who are having a bad day. They want to make your day bad too, by killing you and taking your stuff. Luckily you have the skills and the smarts to fight back. Not every enemy/pirate ship you take out will be completely destroyed. Board a disabled enemy craft and explore the drifting hulk for items and upgrades, but visit your arms locker before you go...  

Your home space station

Well technically it's not yours - it belongs to the Justicar Federal Army. But it's where you can upgrade your weapons and your space craft, assemble away teams, kick back and watch a movie or listen to some of your favorite music. (Que Queens Greatest Hits tape).

Resource / Terraform planets

An Army need resources. Luckily for you and the Colonel, each solar system has a barren planet that is just perfect for mining raw materials. Build mining facilities, power plants and space ports to help keep the Justicar war machine moving. But be warned! You will be attacked by both the planets hostile indigenous population and from Emorian forces, so best build a barracks and some guard towers. Move-able turrets are always a good idea.

Explorable planets / Governors bane

Each of the three main solar systems has a planet that not only needs to be liberated, but also hold an important weapon which you will need to defeat the solar systems Governor. Woo the population, kill their oppressors, gain access to the artifact / weapon. Simple... Right?

The Governing Planet

Each solar system has a governing planet that is controlled by a member of Emorian senate. These Emorian Governors must be stripped of their planetary forces, their dignity and finally their life. Removing (killing violently usually) a Governor will liberate the solar system and bring it under the protective wing of the Justicar (who are clearly much nicer people).

Alien Artifacts / Equipment Upgrades

Scattered about the Emorian empire are 'Alien Artifacts'. Little is known about these artifacts except that they will increase the power and efficiency of any equipment or weapons they are slotted into. Alien artifacts can ripped from the cooling hands of a dead soldier, pulled from the jaws of a vanquished creature, scooped up from remains of an destroyed asteroid or given as a token of thanks for completing a mission. A basic gun can become a legendary piece of asskickery if you rub a bit of Alien Artifact love on it!